Growth Hormone

Making use of GH for muscle definition is a common desire among those who train and seek a torn shape.

What is GH?

To use GH for muscle definition, first of all you need to understand what this hormone is all about.

Growth hormone is made by the anterior pituitary (a tiny gland located in the brain) by somatotrophs that results in an endogenous protein that carries more than 190 amino acids.

GH is an extremely anabolic hormone (perhaps the most) and successfully fulfills the task of making tissues grow.

In adolescence, it is up to GH to make longitudinal growth occur (both in boys and girls).

In adults, the task of somatropin never ceases.

For besides the ideal (GH for muscle definition) other processes also depend on the hormone, as for example:

  • Metabolization of different elements;
  • Growth of virtually all tissues;
  • Bone remodeling;
  • Maintenance of collagen.

Among other evidences.

Using GH involves a series of decisions, which are put at the tip of the pencil, by who is elite athlete, for example.

Although considered doping, there are reports that synthetic growth hormone has been used since 1983, as found in the book Underground Steroid Handbook, written by Dan Duchaine.

How does the GH for Muscle Definition

Growth Hormone is polypeptide (the result of the union of several amino acids) more than 190 as already mentioned.

In the pituitary gland, the secretion of the hormone follows a pattern, which through external and internal (physiological) stimuli such as:

  • Physical activity;
  • Type of diet;
  • Supplementation;
  • Sleep…

It interacts with different areas of the body to fulfill its function.

It has been many years since the discovery of GH, and, with much effort from scholars and scientists, in the 1950s finally the hormone units were isolated.

At the time, somatropin for medicinal purposes was acquired in a non-unusual way, because they use human cadavers to collect portions in the pituitary gland.

In the 1980s, much about supplementation came to be used, and with synthetic GH was no different.

And what was to be just a remedy for treating disorders in the growth of children and adolescents … has moved to the list of desirable items by avid beginners in bodybuilding.

Mainly the idea of using GH for muscle definition came to occupy the minds and lives of hundreds of athletes of the fastest growing modality at the time: bodybuilding.

The GH for muscle definition and its performance in the Body

As we have mentioned, GH is a function regulator of other glands.

Among the main functions are – and there is also the justification for being used by those who want more muscles – the production of testosterone in the testicle.

Thanks also to the intermediary somatomedin, which is a protein made in the liver and bone tissue, more GH can be produced by interacting with another relevant hormone, IGF-1.

IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) in turn has a close relationship with GH, and together they form a potential resource for anabolism.

Important research, especially in the last two decades, has shown that synthesized:

  • The GH for muscle definition is supreme!
  • It is also one of the most recommended elements to assist in the continuity of adult organic growth.
  • Extending its performance well beyond treating people with dwarfism, where its application reaches the peak.

Pioneer study on GH for Muscle Definition

The search for mass gain is so intrinsic in the lives of people, especially men, who have long sought to use resources such as injecting synthetic HGH.

The 1957 study was a watershed to increase the use of the substance in question.

Animal analyzes have shown that GH secretion influences only species not suffering from hypopituitarism (endocrine disruption that lowers the production of hormones).

It was on this occasion that the co-relation between IGF- (1 and 2), guardians of insulin molecules, such as GH, was discovered.

Whose autonomy allows others and more hormones through the pituitary to be stimulated.

Nowadays, it is possible to consider using GH for muscle definition but with a view to taking advantage of another great achievement, which is to increase the quality of sleep, reduce awakenings and especially to achieve true REM sleep.

However, treating the body with the original growth hormone, with subcutaneous application, is an action that belongs to specialized clinics, since the substance is not available in retail here in Brazil, for example.

GH as a precursor to other Organic Changes

GH Deficiency Syndrome is a recurring disease in adults. Those who grew up, had excessive fat mass and regression in lean mass.

Cases also make these people susceptible to increased cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar resulting in Metabolic Syndrome.

When individuals with these characteristics receive doses of growth hormone, what occurs is the actual evidence that GH for muscle definition is relevant.

For gains are also perceived in muscle restoration, improvements in bone calcification and above all a generalized well-being.

Progress in research has also been instrumental in enabling growth hormone extraction and synthesis to increase the viability of use by more people.

Of course, for marombeiros, the fact that synthetic GH comes from bacteria guinea pigs (Escherichia coli) is a comfort and stimulus for consumption.

However, it can not be ignored that supraphysiological quantities – superior to necessity – can bring to the user, traits similar to a disease that characterizes acromegaly.

A disease that triggers very high doses of GH in the body, evident when feet, ears, hands and other organs are very large.

And other side effects as well.

Benefits of GH for those who want

GH for muscle definition, as already said, seems to be the value attributed by most men who turn to hormone.

However, many athletes use the Growth hormone also for fat burning, especially abdominal.

But there is also a very interesting list of other achievements attributed to the GH, such as:

  • It greatly reduces the time to recover muscles and ligaments;
  • Strengthens, above average, tendons and ligaments;
  • Reduces glycogen synthesis;
  • Brings improvements to the immune system;
  • Proage to increase collagen;
  • Extends the quality of nitrogen and minerals such as sodium, potassium and phosphorus in muscle;
  • It is easier to gain mass and it also holds for longer;
  • It decreases the chances of diseases in the bones.

Further enhancing the benefits, besides GH for muscle definition, it is worth mentioning that it also acts for protein synthesis.

Requesting especially lipids and carbohydrates to provide energy and not protein.

So greatly reducing the chances of catabolism.

In addition, an acceleration in the lipolytic process also manifests itself and this is what leads one to believe that GH also helps to lose weight.

It is worth mentioning that more recent studies have disclosed the advantage of GH for muscle definition, but for others how to use it in cases of treatments for:

  • Turner syndrome;
  • Prader-Will Syndrome;
  • Noonan syndrome.