Does Oxandrolone Thin or Fatten? Can you see results on how many days?

Does Oxandrolone Thinner? This is a pertinent question for anyone who is “exploring” the hypothesis of joining this steroid.

Anavar, Lipidex and others, are all known and synonymous names of Oxandrolone, property of the old laboratory Searle, current Pfizer.

It is considered one of the most popular supplements among people who practice bodybuilding and bodybuilding.

It is also one of the most commonly used hypertrophic remedies for women since the side effects are less present.

However, thanks to the properties similar to steroids (especially by testosterone) it is stated that the substance can be used for weight reduction purposes.

Of course, we have that Oxandrolone is a medicine, which has already been used to treat lack of fertility and even anemia.

Currently, Anavar is part of clinical therapies aimed at:

  • Recover weight in case of people who have been exposed to complex surgeries;
  • Heal traumas in the dermis;
  • Treat cases of severe infection and turner syndrome.

However, the association with steroids leaves the medical and clinical community for fear of prescribing this drug, including this is a hypothesis that suggests that Oxandrolone should be manipulated to ensure suitability.

But what we want to know is if Oxandrolone is thinning? And so this post was prepared.

On the other hand, it is also essential to know the effects and benefits of this medicine, among other peculiarities.

What is Oxandrolone?

Oxandrolone is considered a synthetic steroid with anabolic potency. With well-directed anabolic properties for the development of androgenic characteristics.

The chemical nomenclature is 17-hydroxy-17-methyl-2-oxa-5-androstan-3-one.

In its formula there are lactose, maize starch and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

It is a hepatotoxic, licit, regulated drug that has been and is still widely used in:

  • Treatments in children who did not develop height at the right time;
  • To treat people with osteoporosis;
  • Helps restore tissues that have been burned;
  • AIDS;
  • People who have lost weight involuntarily;
  • Patients with neoplasias;
  • Even though it is said that it is “anabolic for woman” several men use this supplement, aiming to increase testosterone.

Evidently Oxandrolone consumption brings benefits as listed below.

In addition, when ingested, it transits freely in the bloodstream, not keeping immediate relation with androgen receptors what is opportune for greater concentration of the male hormone.

For women, the effect of Oxandrolone is similar, that is, it does not interfere with the production of hormones of the estrogen type.

Likewise, the side effects for typical steroid women, in the case of Anavar, are milder, mainly because it does not pose the risk of developing masculinized characteristics such as coarse voice and excess hair.

And that’s why the medically appealing and popular in the female audience since it was created by Raphael Pappo in the year 1964.

Does Oxandrolone Thinner? Do you have other benefits?

Bodybuilders prefer Oxandrolone for ultra-fast action. It is estimated that the effects reach after 15 minutes of consumption, giving more creatine and phosphorus inside the cells, for example.

Among other benefits are:

  • Increased lean mass;
  • Does not aromatize;
  • It is not carcinogenic;
  • Improvements in basal metabolism;
  • Performance surplus for high impact physical activity practitioners.

Does Oxandrolone Thin or Fatten?

Testosterone in Oxandrolone is known to optimize metabolic processes and prevent fat from accumulating in the body, especially in the abdominal region.

Therefore, the formula of Anavar influences the user to lose weight, but, it has no essential purpose for it.

There are other supplements on the market well indicated for this purpose.

The idea that Oxandrolone slims, actually comes from the circumstance where it is used, since normally it consumes anabolizantes is directly linked to exercise routines and greater attention with the diet.

And it is these actions, which are associated with the hormonal modification that the medicine offers (drier body) that seem to act for weight loss to happen (optical illusion).

In contrast, Oxandrolone is fattening? There is no evidence that this happens, however, other side effects are likely.

What are the possible side effects with Oxandrolone?

Altering liver enzymes is one of the drawbacks of this medicine, in addition, organisms may present other side effects, such as:

  • Increased hair loss;
  • Change in menstruation;
  • Numbness and abdominal pain;
  • Yellowish skin;
  • Accelerated evacuations;
  • Modifications in libido;
  • Atypical erections;
  • Muscle spasms;
  • Decreased appetite.

Less virilization, thanks to the lower androgenic power, and thus fewer side effects like clitoromegaly, hair loss and acne, are situations that instigate women to consume Oxandrolone.

And, in fact, they can get benefits with the steroid, however, the medically must be prescribed by a physician after assessing the particularity and necessity of each.

Oxandrolone Anavar Thinner or Fattening

Cycles with Oxandrolone reinforce the molecular structure to achieve body definition, bringing advantages over other anabolics, mainly:

  • Because it helps increase strength, thus instigating greater productivity in sports practice;
  • Helps to create lean mass that is distributed harmoniously throughout the body;
  • Less hybrid retention;
  • Less chance of affecting libido;
  • Helps prevent catabolism;
  • Influence to reduce measures in the legs and glutes;
  • More mood to attend physical activities;
  • It is safer and has fewer side effects.

The cycles can be from 45 to 60 days, with tests to evaluate HDL and LDL cholesterol, and liver enzymes regularly.

After completing the cycle, therapy is recommended to suppress side effects – likely from steroid use.

The post-cycle can be done following the protocol with the use of Tamofixene, Clomid and others of the same genre.