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Anavar is the name used to market the world known anabolic agent made from Oxandrolone


Anadrol is the brand name of a well-known medicine called Oxymetholone, of the class of anabolic steroids


The use of anabolics has always been a controversial subject and remains in the media mainly when doping cases are revealed

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The use of anabolic steroids in sports

Based on a review of the literature and a careful analysis of the issues related to the ergogenic and adverse effects of anabolic steroids, the American College of Sports Medicine takes as its official position

Does Oxandrolone Thin or Fatten? Can you see results on how many days?

Does Oxandrolone Thinner? This is a pertinent question for anyone who is “exploring” the hypothesis of joining this steroid.

Anavar, Lipidex and others, are all known and synonymous names of Oxandrolone, property of the old laboratory Searle, current Pfizer.

How to increase GH naturally?

If our body makes somatropin, is it fair to try to improve these levels at the right moment?

GH for muscle definition depends on unitary and personal factors, such as dietary habits and others.

With 5 tips it is possible to maintain optimism to provide better synthesis of GH. See them!

Steroids and Libido: How to Avoid Lack of Libido When Using Anabolics

Steroids and libido have a close correlation. Just as many types of contraceptives have this side effect, one of the big questions during the use of anabolic steroids is their possible interference with libido.

The history of the use of steroids mixes with the story of the discovery of testosterone itself as a potentiator of some supplements, since it is the natural hormone that originates the anabolic.

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